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In Texas, bars and night clubs are not supposed to over serve people who are drunk and let them leave on their own. However, most bartenders are concerned about how much alcohol they sell and how much profit they make. They knowingly over serve people who have bloodshot eyes, who are tipping excessively or who are paying for drinks for everyone — all signs of intoxication.

Bartenders know those people need to go home eventually, and with the lack of public transportation in Houston, most people plan on driving home. When bartenders knowingly over serve patrons and then allow them to drive drunk, they need to be held accountable when people are injured in subsequent drunk driving car wrecks.

At Chandler McNulty, we represent victims of drunk driving wrecks and are committed to helping them regain their financial stability.

Holding The Negligent Parties Accountable

People talk about drunk driving “accidents” as though the car crash was unavoidable. Accident is a loaded word that suggests no one was at fault. Our attorneys know that drunk driving crashes are avoidable, and we aggressively pursue the bars and night clubs that make money by over serving alcohol.

Bars and night clubs make enormous profit serving alcohol to people who are obviously intoxicated, but at what expense? As trial lawyers, we are committed to making America safer by hitting profit-driven businesses where it hurts — in their pocketbooks. Schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you and your family regain independence after being victimized in a drunk driving crash. Complete our online contact form or call 713-997-8310 to learn more.

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